ALL NATURAL - Pet Safe - Kid Safe
    Our products work like both a sponge and a magnet to soak up and capture odors
  • Fresh Petz
    Fresh Pets is a non-scented odor eliminating product for small animals
    such as ferrets, gerbils, mice, birds, & hamsters
    100% Natural and Safe
    Deodorizes any bedding or small animal enclosure
    Powerful, natural ammonia absorption that stops odors at the source


  • Does this work on my synthetic turf?

    If you are looking to get rid of odors in your yard, dog run, or kennel we have a great deodorizer that thousands around the world trust.

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  • What animal smells does this help with?

    We have a wide range of products for all sorts of animals, big, small, and medium. You can use our products in their kennels / cages, used in bedding, turf, and even in aquariums as filter rocks.

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  • Can you help with smells in litter-boxes?

    Absolutely! We have a product specifically designed to help with eliminating the ammonia in litter-boxes which is the cause of the harsh urine smells.

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  • Can I place a bulk order?

    We can sell bulk quantities of each of our products for bulk use. For select clientele we can even white label your own products.

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